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Wednesday, February 8, 2012 • Posted February 8, 2012

Every parent knows the frustration, when dealing with their teenage children, in finding ways to keep them entertained. Poll any group of 15, 16 or 17 year old kids on a Friday or Saturday night, and ask them why they're wandering about aimlessly, and you will almost always get the same response - - - "There's nothing to do!"The odd paradox of this response is that you could be sitting in a restaurant in the middle of Walt Disney World with those same teenagers, and they would still give the same reply when asked why they were acting oddly. For teenagers, it's really not about what is actually happening at the moment; but, it is about what MIGHT be happening somewhere else. Young kids and young adults often fail to take a look around them and see the reality - they only worry that by committing to one activity, they may be missing another that is more exciting, more fun and more fulfilling.Adults can often make the same observation on their own lives, and mistakenly find that they are missing out on something that they perceive is occurring elsewhere. They don't want to RSVP to one party when they "might" get an invitation to a better shindig if they just wait. They don't want to commit to just one person until they figure out if someone better is coming along. Simply put, they just don't want to commit!But, back to entertainment.Growing up in Mason, we were constantly doing something. Swimming at the pool or the river; watching movies at the Odeon; varmint hunting; going to Cherry Springs or London Hall. On slow weekends, we might just sit around the square playing music and laughing. Though reasonably content most of the time, my friends and I were still always wondering if there was anything else to do.Mason now offers even more choices. In the last few weeks, we've had notables such as Walt Wilkins, Jaston Williams, Asleep at the Wheel and Marcia Ball as featured entertainers at different venues in our town. We've had a long fall of Friday night football, culminating in a series of banquets and honors being awarded to those involved with the Punchers. And now, we're into the spring season of fundraisers and banquets that keep everyone hopping: Bluebonnet CASA's Hearts for Hope Gala; Chamber of Commerce Awards Banquet; Golf Association Fundraiser; Habitat for Humanity Spring Benefit; and, the Mason Volunteer Fire Department BBQ.If you're involved with any of the groups putting on an event, you will already know how busy it can get. If you're fortunate enough to just be attending, it can still be quite harried trying to figure out your personal schedule in relation to those events.We are a small town; but, we are a town full of people with plans, ideas and hopes, all directed into various projects. And we share those projects with our friends and neighbors, and enjoy their company at at least a few of the gatherings.My personal budget means that I have to make decisions about which events I will be attending. Time is not the only constraint, as it can get a bit expensive buying the tickets, bidding on auction items, etc. Though we all try to give as much as we can, we all have limits and have to make decisions that will, of necessity, exclude some things.But, when someone asks you why you are looking bored, there is one thing you cannot say. If you have chosen not to attend the Livestock Show, or a movie at the Odeon, or a dance at the slab, or a pile-on lunch at church,,, those were your own choices based on your own time and financial situation. So do not say, "There's nothing to do!" There's plenty to do, but you just need to make up your mind what it's going to be.

It’s all just my opinion.

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