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Bits of Art for July 23, 2008
Wednesday, July 23, 2008 • Posted July 23, 2008

Pray for rain. God knows what we need and He will answer our prayers if we ask for rain. We may not like His answer but we must ask. Pray.

Keven Kothmann will celebrate his birthday on July 25th and Megan Ceynowa, Scott’s daughter, has her 5th birthday on July 28th. Don and Deborah Baxter will have a wedding anniversary celebration in July 27th and Carl and Tina Sanders have their anniversary on July 29th. Make these special days really great.

Joyce Mutschink’s dear Aunt Ellen is recovering from a broken hip with Joyce’s help and our prayers, Max Jordan is having cataract surgery on Wednesday, Carolyn Vater is having her surgery this week, and Marilyn Kahan is continuing her treatments. Florence Blake is doing well after her cataract removal and Tina Carter has finished her radiation treatments. She was placed on the prayer chain Sunday night as she was having difficulties breathing and was flown to San Antonio.

It was great to see Stuart and Julia Jordan in church and visiting with friends. And, Virginia Durst was entertaining her four oldest grandchildren. Tyra and Roger have traded Cindy’s two youngest children, Emmy and Turner, for the oldest, Annette.

Vacation Bible School is going on this week and Tyra Jordan is spending all of her money on food. Drop by the Lutheran church and help her and donate to this great cause.

Hang in there, Mark, you only have two more weeks to go. You are in our prayers and we appreciate your efforts.

Again, Thanks go to Maria for the beautiful music.

Wayne C. Jordan read the Epistle lesson from Romans 8:12-25. Stephen Mutschink read the Gospel scripture from Matthew 13:24-30 and 36-43 and preached his sermon on “To Weed or Not to Weed.”

Weeds and grass grow up in your garden even though they were not planted. They all grow together, the good plants are harvested and the grass and weeds are plowed under. Jesus said to leave the weeds until the harvest. We always want to pull the weeds and hoe the grass.

The disciples did not understand the parable and asked for more explanation. Jesus said that He Who sows the good seed is the Son of Man. The field is the world, the good seed means the children of the kingdom, the weeds and grass are the children of the evil one and the enemy who sowed them is the devil. The harvest is the close and consumption of the age and the reapers are the angels.

Churches have a hard time dealing with the weeds in the church. They want to remove them, to weed what is considered bad growth. Weeds and grass are everywhere. In God’s wisdom, we do not want to destroy the weeds because some of the good plants might also be destroyed. We might not make good decisions about who the weeds are.

God is our guide. We may disagree about who is in charge in the church and how the church operates. God’s purpose is redemption. We must rely on our human capacity to understand God. Our human judgments are often wrong. Those who present their righteous as symbols of their life may end up as weeds in the fire.

Make a difference, judge not, pull no weeds in God’s garden. Live the best life that you can so that Jesus can pick you out from the weeds in the end. He will pick you because you were adopted by God into His kingdom. God will choose you as the good wheat that he planted. There will come a day when the good is separated from the evil and the righteous will shine brightly in the sun.

Go and produce for God.

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