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Being Something We're Not - Pretensions Lack in Mason
In My Opinion...
Wednesday, February 15, 2012 • Posted February 15, 2012

Saturday night, in addition to the Marcia Ball concert at the Odeon Theater, there was also a fundraiser for Bluebonnet CASA out at the Old Peanut Mill. Over 200 attended the Odeon concert, while around 300 were at the CASA event.When I lived in Austin, I also attended various charitable functions and benefit concerts. It was not unusual to see a rather mixed crowd of people at those events... it is, after all, Austin. One thing that was constant was that you would usually see the same folks over and over at the events, as they were the ones that had the financial resources to be productive at such events.Whether it was the Austin Lyric Opera, Zachary Scott Theater, AIDS Services Austin, or the American Heart Association, time and again you would see the same faces. Everyone was always dressed to the nines and champagne flowed freely. And much money would be collected by the end of the evening.Then there are events in Mason.Whether it's Habitat, Bluebonnet CASA, the Cancer Fundraiser or Critter Getters, you will also see the same faces, over and over. Of course, unlike the Austin events, the reason you see the same folks in Mason is because we only have a limited number of folks in the area that are going to be attending such events.Unlike Austin, not all of the folks you see at Mason events have a lot of money. Some of them will have been given their tickets as gifts. Many will not be able to bid on the auction items, or write a check at the end of the night for "the cause." But, the folks will have donated their time to help set up the space. They will have spent what little free time they have hauling chairs, flowers, donation items and chairs all over town. And they will have raced home just prior to the event, hoping they had enough time to change their clothes and get cleaned up in time to make it back for the festivities.And, once the doors open and everyone is participating in the events, you will be hard pressed to tell the folks apart. I mean, it's Mason, so we know who has money and who doesn't. And, when bidding on the items starts, it's obvious who is raising their hands and who is being careful not to be seen as a bidder.But, the ones with money may be bidding on an item that they'll be sharing with the person next to them who has no money. And, the person with no money will be celebrating with the lucky auction winner and fawning over their items.During the night, everyone will be sharing tables based upon friendships and family relationships. And, as is typical of a Mason event, everyone will be moving from table to table visiting and laughing together. Mason is one of the most democratic towns I've ever known. Opportunities are available to everyone who is willing to work for them, and the support for our citizens is not reserved just for a special few; but, is shared equally with all.If you succeed in Mason, you will be supported by everyone, if you are a good person deserving of support. If you fail in Mason, and are a good person, you will still be supported. If you are not a good person, chances are you may end up on your own until you come to your senses and realize the community you have surrounding you.We put on events and occasions in Mason. What we don't put on, and we don't put up with, are pretensions. When people do, they will be brought back down to earth quickly. But, they will still be waiting for you, once you've gotten your head screwed on straight, and they will be there to help you grow into the person you can be when you're ready to take those steps.You decide what comes next!It’s all just my opinion.

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