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Even in Difficult Times, Expenses Continue to Accrue
In My Opinion...
Wednesday, February 29, 2012 • Posted February 29, 2012

There is an old saw that "It takes money to make money." That's a rather pessimistic take on life; but, one that does have some basis in commercial fact.Ask any business owner and they will tell you that operating capital is their most important asset. Inventory, employees, physical structures,,, all are meaningless if the business doesn't have the money to pay its bills. You have to have money to pay the utilities, the employees, insurance, travel costs, new inventory, advertising and daily expenses.This is all so very true for we as individuals. You need money to pay for the gas that goes in your car to get you to work. You need money to clothe and feed yourself, and you need money to keep your home operating and tending to all the needs of your family.And, it's also true of governments. Even while collecting taxes, making laws, holding meetings and conducting the affairs of state, governments must also pay their employees, pay their creditors, repair their infrastructure and conduct improvements. And, they can only do that by spending money.This has been brought home during these tough economic times as our Mason County Commissioners' Court wrangles with flat revenues, but constant expenses. There are the costs of maintaining county roads so that the populace will be able to get their wares to market. There are the costs of maintaining a law enforcement and public health system so that the citizens feel safe and secure. There are the expenses for the services we take for granted as citizens living in a modern society such as libraries, swimming pools, parks and playgrounds.And there is the cost of maintaining all of the structures that are part and parcel of government. For Mason County, that means maintaining the courthouse. It's a century-old building that has been maintained haphazardly over the decades. It has plumbing issues that have been addressed only when problems occurred. It has electrical problems that are common with buildings that have been modernized over the years; but, only in stages. And, it has structural problems that one would expect of an old building - roof, masonry, windows. It's time to address those issues.It's not cheap to work on an older building. It's even more expensive when there are restrictions on what type of materials can be used and what techniques are allowable owing to the building's historical status. And, our courthouse is historical.It's also as much, if not more, of a symbol of our town than the restored officers quarters up at Fort Mason. For many people who visit our town, the courthouse and its lawn, with the beautiful buildings surrounding the square are the image they will carry with them when they leave. They will pull out their cameras, pose for photos, and head on their way. And they will remember that image.But, it costs a lot of money.Soon, the restoration and repair of our courthouse will become one more of the many fundraising causes in our county. There will be requests for donations. There will be opportunities to give. And there will be pleas for participation.If you can find it in your heart, and in your pocket, to give, please do. It takes money to make money, and we are at a time when money is short for individuals, businesses and governments. We will need to find our own way to finance all that must be done, and I have no doubt that we will succeed.It’s all just my opinion.

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