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When Do I Get My Spring Break?
In My Opinion...
Wednesday, March 14, 2012 • Posted March 14, 2012

You could already see it happening at the end of last week... the kids were smiling, and their parents were planning. They were all thinking about spring break, and what they would be doing.On Facebook, I've already seen photos from the coast, the ski resorts, the lakes and the amusement parks. I've looked up around the square and seen kids riding bicycles and walking with their friends.There have also been lots of visitors in town. It's not just spring break, it's also spring turkey season, and I've seen enough camouflage clothing to outfit a hunting supply store. The combination of folks makes for a rather interesting display around town, and a very welcome one.The past year was a very tough one for people in Mason County, and around the state as well. It's very good to look up and see large groups of people walking the square, eating in the restaurants and shopping in the stores. The flowers aren't far enough along yet to be the big attraction I think they probably will be; but, I would be willing to bet that in the next two to three weeks, that crowd will also be back, making up for their absence during the corresponding absence of wildflowers.Spring break seems to have changed a lot since I was younger. When I was in school in Mason, it usually meant at least one weekend trip to the river to go fishing, and possibly a trip down to Granny's in Uvalde. In college, I watched friends head off to Galveston, New Orleans or South Padre Island while I worked at a full time job. Those that did go on spring break usually did so by combining rides, rooms and other expenses, all in an attempt to keep their activities economical.On the radio the other day, they listed the top spring break destinations for college students in 2012. The roster included Miami Beach, Cabo San Lucas, the Dominican Republic, Paris, Kingston and Las Vegas. It seems that college students are now heading to places that I dream of; but, know that I can't manage on a working man's budget. I would assume that most of the students headingout on spring break aren't taking vacation from college jobs, so there is a high probability that they are heading to these party spots on their mom and dad's dime.Though I don't begrudge the kids the wonderful experieces they'll have while they party around the world, I do wonder if they realize that their parents are already scrimping and sacrificing just to send them to school. I also wonder if the kids realize that great vacations are something that we all aspire to have; but, we plan for them as part of our plans for life and growth. Once you earn a good vacation, you get to take it!I worry about the message the youth take away from this early prosperity. Do they think that they should have a high paying job, in management, as soon as they graduate college? If so, they will also need the latest, most feature-laden luxury SUV in order to travel to their jobs. And at the end of the workday, even if they are newlyweds, a beautiful home with lots of amenities and floor space would be just the thing to come home to after their toils.Have we raised a generation that doesn't understand that, as Americans, good things are there for all of us - - - if we're willing to work for it. This isn't one of those anti-welfare state screeds that I receive on email everyday, this is a gripe about middle class kids from middle class families. People just like most of us. And they have a sense of entitlement that is staggering. That's why we have a mortgage crisis where people bought homes they couldn't really afford. And, they filled it with all the best things by running up credit card debt. And they taught their kids that if you didn't have the best things, it probably meant that you were lazy and hadn't aspired to all the things that everyone should aspire to if they were truly going to succeed.And all the rest of us that make do with what we have, plan ahead for major purchases and vacation along the Llano River....? Well, I guess we just haven't dreamed big enough.

It’s all just my opinion.

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