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Children and Women
Letter to the Editor
Wednesday, March 14, 2012 • Posted March 14, 2012

I am confused. So very confused by our state government, with its Republican majority, working with all its might on women’s health issues. There is obviously no empathy in our legislature. They can’t have a clue as to how this will affect their constituents. This last year they have made getting an abortion much more difficult. Now they’re going after restricting access to healthcare and contraception. They want to cut funding for all women’s Medicaid Womens Health Program, which provides healthcare for 130,000 women here in Texas. That’s right- cutting all healthcare. Mr. Legislator, you want to allow healthcare suppliers to refuse covering women’s contraception, but have allowed coverage for Viagra since it became available. As far as I can tell, Viagra can cause pregnancy, as can not covering contraception. Then you make abortion generally unavailable through stricter laws. Since the conservatives want to take away all forms of birth control, but encourage Viagra, I wander why. They want women to stay pregnant? Why? Republicans want more kids around, no matter the consequences or health of the child or the mother? Why? Mr. Legislator, get out of my bedroom. You are not a physician, and you are now requiring a medical procedure (a sonogram as part of an abortion.) That is practicing medicine without a license. That is illegal. You are a politician, not a doctor. You are not my doctor. My healthcare is none of your business.I’ve watched this attack of laws restricting women’s healthcare availability all over this country. Repressive behavior that is being expressed in our state legislature, other state legislatures, and on the federal level. I’ve got only two reasons for this behavior. Maybe the Republican legislators want babies to adopt. Maybe they want lots of babies, white, brown and black. They want to adopt all colors of babies, with all kinds of health levels, physical and mental. They want even the severely compromised babies to survive so they can adopt them. OR- they are making a direct attack on the women of this country. It’s a power thing. It’s keeping women barefoot and pregnant. It’s keeping women out of the workforce so the men can have their jobs. They want women to be poorer and dependent. They don’t want women equal to men.

OK, Mr. Legislator, which is it?

B. Diane Eames, GG

Graduate Gemologist (GIA)

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