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Bat Cave Report
Wednesday, July 30, 2008 • Posted July 30, 2008

Where can you find ¾ of a million young females and not find a single mirror, brush, pair of mega-high heeled shoes, or even a solitary tube of lipstick? Give up? You need to visit the Eckert James River Bat Cave Preserve. The young bat ladies make a gala emergence each Thursday-Sunday evening from 6-9 P.M. without any big to-do in getting ready. Their way of preparing for their grand nightly exit is to circle around inside of the cave. Of course, their mothers and brothers also take part in this big event, which culminates with a night out on the town (literally).

A vortex of air is being formed inside and slowly drawn outward as the bats go in and out of the cave The circular motion not only blows the smell and heat out of the cave, but makes an air current that allows the little ones as well as their moms to drop down into a current that will help to carry them out and up into the sky to begin their flight over the hills of Mason and the surrounding counties.

When the young are born, they are immediately able to grasp onto the ceiling or wall without falling. This is due to the extraordinary way that their feet are designed. They are born with their feet automatically clasping or clenching, thus the unique ability to hang upside down without losing their grip. When they are ready to attempt to head out on their first flight, they just drop down into the swirl of wind made from the other bats, and head out. Now really, if they had those tiny little feet stuffed into some cute little pumps two sizes too small, can you imagine the headache of trying to stay put on that ceiling?

The pups grow exceedingly fast the first five to six weeks after they are born. The pup, or baby bat, starts out in life weighing about ¼ of its mother’s weight. That would be like a 120 human giving birth to a 30 lb. baby! WOW!! Not only is the pup almost the weight of its mom, but right at the same length when it begins its first flight out of the cave. Still very tiny, they have a voracious appetite and head two miles up into the sky to fill that hunger with lots of nice, juicy moths….

The bats would like you to know that they truly appreciate your visits to the cave to watch their performances. They especially want to tell you that they are coming out right at 6 P.M. No, this is not a typo. They truly are beginning their show that early. Most people do not believe this is possible and do not come until after 8:o’clock. There are a few bats that trickle out at that time, but if you want those spiked heels of yours to get blown off of your feet, then be there when the gate opens. (Practice quite a bit before heading out in high heels, the trail up is a trick even for sturdy walking shoes)!

Since all of the bats at the Eckert James River Bat Preserve are now genuine movie stars and starlets, they don’t really have to conform with “normal” attire. You may want to see for yourself the quality of the wardrobe that they don a few weeks after their birth and keep for the rest of their lives. This fur coat that they keep throughout their lives is not only softer than the finest mink, but is also low cost to maintain. No sending it out in the spring to have it stored in special temperature controlled closets…no sir, self-grooming is the answer here. Bats think “green“! Chemicals are not needed nor wanted…

Speaking of chemicals, visit us at the cave and learn how you can help to make your life a lot more chemical free. Just think of it…all the money that you will save on chemicals will buy you several pair of those nifty super-stiletto designs by Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, and even Natalie Cosette Thorne!

Feel free to sit in front of the mirror for hours getting all spiffed up, but when it is about 5:15 p.m. head on out to see what fashion designers would be amazed by……barefoot and hitting the runway in the most daring and exclusive designs in the world….au naturel!!

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