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Health care has been a topic of frequent discussion by both parties. What would the Democratic/Repub
Wednesday, September 26, 2012 • Posted September 26, 2012

By Sabin Nelson

Things you should know about healthcare

Although many want Obamacare repealed, there are parts that would more than likely stay. This presents some facts you should know to make an informed decision on your own.

According to Conservapedia," Obamacare, formally known as "The Patient Protection and Affordable Care act, will impose massive penalties on young workers, small businesses, and others who choose not to buy expensive health insurance beginning 2011. The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) pointed out there are no redeeming provisions of Obama’s Health Care plan. AAPS observes that Obama’s health care plan will significantly increase the overall cost of health care for a majority of U.S citizens, plus reduce the quality of care that a free market provides.

Many state governors, including Texas Governor Rick Perry, oppose Obamacare. Our state government has refused to set up a health insurance exchange because it would significantly impact our budget. In order for Obamacare to work the states have to create health care exchanges or the U.S. government has to pick up those people not covered by the states. This will impact every citizen in a negative way and add to the unbelievably onerous and enormous deficit. The Congressional Budget Office states the this will add at least 340 billion dollars to the deficit.

In 2014 Americans will be required to buy government health insurance or pay a penalty. Employers having 50 full-time employees will be required to buy government health insurance or pay a penalty. Employers having 25 or less full-time employees and average salaries of $50,000 or less can apply tax credits to provide health insurance to their employees.

Section 163 of Obamacare would allow the government real time access to a persons bank records including direct access to bank accounts and electronic fund transfers. This seems like an extremely large invasion of privacy and should not be allowed.

Doctors have said they anticipate more people waiting in the waiting rooms, more phone calls, people upset because they want to be seen now. Doctors will be overbooked. As the health care system brings in more patients, the system will be overwhelmed. Obamacare will be a tremendous burden for doctors in the U.S. Obamacare will shorten the amount of time doctors have with patients and lengthen the amount of time patients will have to wait. Dr. Sreedhar Potarazu said that the current bill passed into law will create a scenario where supply cannot meet demand. There will be an oversight board where the government looks at what should and shouldn’t be given to patients , regardless of medical need. According to Dr. Potarazu, there is going to be rationing of health care.

In addition, less than one year after Obamacare was signed into law, 111 unions, companies, and organizations had received approval for a waiver of the annual limits of the PHS requirements section 2711. By 2010 the list of unions, companies, and insurers who have used the HHS (Health and Human Services) waiver as an escape to avoid the costly, destructive consequences of Obamacare grew from 111 to 222. More than 50 unions have already received waivers. Moreover, three Service Employee International Unions (SEIU) local chapters, including the Chicago chapter, whose PAC spent 27 million dollars supporting Mr. Obama in the 2008 election have received waivers from a provision in the Obamacare law.

In conclusion, in spite of public outcry over death panels, the Obama Administration is pressing forward to enact the same measures of bureaucratic regulations called "end-of-life "planning. Quoting research from the British Medical Journal , the Obama Administration insists that death panels are humane. Advance care planning improves end-of-life care and patient and family satisfaction and reduces stress, anxiety, and depression in surviving relatives. There is more on this part of the bill but it is too extensive and this treatise has gone on long enough.

Look at the facts and make an informed decision.


Sabin Nelson

Democratic Party Position : Obama Cares

By Judith Barton

During a speech in Minnesota the President said, " I have no problem with people saying Obama cares. I do care. " The Democratic party platform states that " Americans should have the security that comes with good health care…and no one should go broke because they get sick." The Affordable Care Act (March, 2010) spells out for 2,000 pages how the Democrats ( and one Senate Republican ) plan to increase the number of Americans with health insurance. As Jeff Madrick ( New York Review of Books, June 21,2012) observes, " All other rich nations provide health care that is free or inexpensive to the entire population…16% of Americans have none." Those without health insurance, according to Kaiser Family Foundation research, "die younger, work less due to chronic health conditions, and face persistent financial problems brought on by illness." Some of the provisions of the new law allow young adults to remain on their parents’ insurance plans longer, prohibit insurers from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions, and prevent insurance companies from cancelling or capping coverage arbitrarily. There are Democrats and Republicans who feel that the ACA does not go far enough to reform health care. It is called redistributive: Those who can afford it contribute; those who need assistance receive it. This Christian teaching to helping others (Matt. 25:40, 45; I John 4:20) resembles the Mason tradition of throwing a barbeque to help a sick or injured neighbor. The principle is the same, although the ACA is more encompassing in scope. Preventive screenings and tests are a crucial element in controlling costs. We may help our neighbors, who suffer an accident or devastating diagnosis, but studies show that for every dollar spent on preventive health care, at least 3 dollars are saved in treatment. ACA aims to discourage expensive services and procedures and encourage low-cost, high-value services like preventive care and patient education. As Dr. Stephen Dell once assured me, "Everybody is going to have some (medical condition)". Because I have medical insurance, my eye condition was diagnosed, controlled with medications and treated with outpatient surgery . I have worked with clients my age with the same diagnosis who were not educated about their prognosis, could not afford medication and treatment and simply went blind. Democrats want all Americans to have health care.

The Affordable Care Act specifically ends health insurance discrimination against women, confirms their right to control their reproductive choices and provides access to programs that help women during pregnancy. This is an old idea that traditionally had bipartisan support. Since the 1960’s controlling the number of children has been considered a way to promote women’s health, avoid reliance on public assistance and increase women’s participation in the workforce (Alan Gutmacher Institute Report). Title X followed President Richard Nixon’s promise that " No American woman should be denied access to family planning assistance because of her economic status". He signed the law in 1970 with "strong bipartisan support", funding local programs in all 50 states to provide information about family planning, blood pressure checks, exams, screenings and disease testing (The Hyde Amendment guarantees that no federal funds were used in Title X or in ACA to terminate pregnancy.). Today, forty percent of working wives earn more than their husbands; women make up more than half of college and university students and 61% of those pursuing graduate studies (Liza Mundy, "The Richer Sex"). In addition to being mothers, women may be holding down other outside jobs and completing additional education; staying healthy and planning when to have children may not be "news" for women anymore but both remain vital.

The "individual mandate" provision of the ACA was much in the news and its constitutionality challenged in the Supreme Court. Experts of healthcare policy have pointed out that the requirement to buy health insurance has been part of Republican and conservative proposals for legislation going back to 1989 ( "GOP and the Health Mandate" , New York Times, Feb. 26, 2012; "The Tortuous History of Conservatives and the Individual Mandate" Avik Roy, Forbes , Feb. 7, 2012 ). As justification, Stuart Butler wrote for the Heritage Foundation in 1989 that "Society feels an obligation to help even if we find that an injured person has spent his money on things other than insurance". The Affordable Care Act limits the amount an individual must pay to 8% of their income and makes provision for those without income.

To be a leader among nations, America must provide health care for the entire population and reduce infant mortality (U. S. is now ranked 48th). Democrats believe accessible, affordable, high quality health care is part of the American promise and the ACA is an historic step in the right direction. Obama cares.

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