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Letters to the Editor: A Public Forum
Wednesday, November 7, 2012 • Posted November 7, 2012

Letter to The Editor

Ah, Halloween in Mason. What joy to see, and try and scare, those young and old that braved the cool evening across un-mowed grass, to come and partake of candy in the large yellow bowl held by the moaning ghost (my wife Carolyn), and the screeching Cowboy Dracula (me).

As the evening continued through the night, laughter and giggles from these large and small costumed individuals danced along the tree line of our normally quiet neighborhood. In the back of my mind I remembered growing up in San Francisco and how that same energy expressed itself throughout my neighborhood. And even on to the years spent in Alaska where “hobgoblins and fairies” would come to the front door dressed in costume and parka carrying with them that same “juice” to celebrate this one “cold” day.

I also remembered earlier in this day here in Mason when I was busy stocking newly arrived groceries and a gentleman came into the store and handed out a small bag of candy with a note attached. With that same “Halloween” energy I greeted the person and then, when he left, I read the note. Details aside and not to give credibility to the person, the note was aimed at his not being able to say “Happy Halloween for religious reasons. It is obvious he was sending a message out to the citizens of Mason (myself included) condemning Halloween.

History: My ancestors are Scottish. As such, they came to America a long time ago with traditions among which were the celebration of “All Hallow’s Evening” or Halloween. Until we outnumbered the Puritans in America who were dead set against “Halloween”, there was no celebrating this historic event.

If you go online and study briefly the history (Wikpedia) of Halloween, you will find many roots. Mine are Celtic and go back far to around 600A.D. History also includes a time period when the then church who accepted Halloween as a time to honor the dead. People would go through the villages in costume warding off “spirits” and collect food from homeowners and businesses who would then all be protected from those spirits while they were also honoring those citizens who had passed on.

This letter is really aimed at my trying to reach out to that gentleman who is obviously very confused about just what Halloween represents as well as having a very large chip on his shoulder for the citizens of Mason.

Using his right of freedom of speech under our Constitution he tries to preclude the same guarantee of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” in our Declaration of Independence. I would hope this letter to the editor would somehow reach this individual and through it he would be able to clarify his obvious confusion about the facts. To me, he has spent a lot of effort (and money on the candy) going down a path of self destruction. I am praying for him and his wife.

Note: I had also thought about putting up a “No Soliciting” sign on my front lawn to avoid this type of intrusion but found out our U.S Supreme Court has allowed certain religious groups to circumvent this sign and more importantly, with all the Mason Puncher bake sales and food drives and those “Hobgoblins” on my front lawn last night, I could never turn them away. Go Figure. You really have to love this place. I, and my wife, sure do.

JC Copeland

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