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Letters to the Editor: A Public Forum
Saving America
Wednesday, November 14, 2012 • Posted November 14, 2012

Another Presidential election is in the history books and the results do not bode well for the future of this great nation.The party that won the election does not share the beliefs or values of the dedicated people who founded this country or of those who followed them and made it great. The party in power won the election because the electorate has changed and it can be effectively argued that they represent that electorate better than the party that lost the election.

That electorate bagan to change with immigration reforms that were passed way back in the 1960’s. It’s interesting to note that this legislation was sponsored by the party now in power. Since then 85% of our immigrants have come from so-called third world countries. Many of these people had different beliefs and values than most of the people that were here before them. Add to that the attacks on conservatives and christians from elements of the entertainment industry and the liberal media that have been going on for decades and we now have a very different society than what we once had.

What we have today is a government that has grown to the point where it seeks to gain control over all sectors of the economy and thereby control of all aspects of it’s citizens lives. In order to do this it must raise taxes on those citizens,or borrow more money from “our friends” the Chinese, or print more money thereby decreasing the value of that money, or do all three ( which it’s doing ). Our society has now become an “entitlement” society where many are at least partially dependent on government handouts. It was one of our founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson, who said “ a government big enough to give it’s citizens everything they want is big enough to take it away”.

The national debt of The United States now exceeds sixteen trillion dollars. That’s 16 with 12 zeros and that debt is growing daily. To put it another way, every man, woman, and child in this country owes more than $51,000 dollars. George Bush and the Republican Party was sharply criticized by the Democrats and rightly so for running up four trillion in debt in the eight years of his administration. The Obama administration with it’s bailouts, reckless spending, and failed policies has given this country an additional 6 trillion worth of debt in less than four years.

We also have 25 million Americans either unemployed or under employed and a stagnant economy that has been growing at less than 2% per year. The number of Americans on food stamps has increased from 32 million to 47 million under the Obama administration. One in six Americans now live below the poverty line, Ten years ago it was one in ten. Half of today’s college graduates cannot find work. The official U.S. unemployment rate while improving slightly is still near 8%. Obama said early in his first term that if he did not cut the unemployment rate to near 5% that he would be a one term President but he was re-elected by the entitlement crowd anyway. Insanity.

One of the facts that came out during the recent election was that 71% of Hispanics voted for Obama. My background is Hispanic on my Father’s side of the family. Most of the Hispanic people I know are honest, hard -working, and Roman Catholic. I applaud the Catholic Church for it’s strong stance against abortion. I believe abortion is a murder of convenience. The slaughter of the innocent. A national disgrace. I believe most Hispanics would agree with me and with their church, yet almost three out of four Hispanics voted to re-elect the most pro abortion President in U.S. history. Incredible.

Another fact that concerned me was that women voters favored Obama 55% to 45%. Most of the women I know are intelligent and discerning. I know the one I married is. It was reported that married women favored Mitt Romney while single women overwhelmingly voted for Obama. I believe that the fact that Obamacare guarantees federally funded abortions was a deciding factor for many of them unwilling to give up their immoral lifestyles. Their unborn babies will pay the price as will the taxpayers.

The political party with the more righteous platform seems to be losing ground in our country. The right to life and traditional marriage are not valued by enough Americans to elect a righteous man to lead the nation. One of the results of this is that our government has to borrow .40 cents of every dollar it spends and we as a people are headed for a fiscal cliff. As a bible believing Christian I believe we have been judged by a Holy God and He has given us an unrighteous man and an electorate who want him.

Obama and his policies are poised to remove America from it’s pre-eminent role among the nations of the world just as this nation removed God from our public schools when school prayer was banned by our supreme court in 1962. This was closely followed by the infamous Roe v/ Wade decision that made abortion on demand the law of the land. God’s word tells us that He is patient and long suffering but it also tells us that He will not contend with us forever. I believe we as a people still have time to repent but not much time. Wake up, America! This President and his morally bankrupt party are leading us to destruction.

Ken Cordero.

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