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Letters to the Editor: A Public Forum
Election Ends
GG Graduate Gemologist(GIA)
Wednesday, November 14, 2012 • Posted November 14, 2012


Now that the elections are over, very little changed. The biggest problem that we as a people and a country still face is the inability of our congress to do their jobs. Our congress has members that have openly stated their goal is to stop any action in our government, and that is how they achieve their goal of “less government,” whether the majority want it or not. The filibuster is now the modus operandi in the senate to stop any action in that body. The house of representatives shortened their working days, and adjourned the earliest in 50 years prior to a presidential election. Our representatives are spending massive amounts of time and treasure to get elected, and then ignoring the reason for achieving office- to do their jobs.

It doesn’t matter their party, our representatives are willingly sacrificing our country’s economic stability by refusing to govern. It is obvious that nothing will change unless we, the people, demand change. We need to insist on our elected leaders working for us, as we elect them to do. It’s like the gangs in cities- the Republicans are the Bloods (red neckerchief) and the Democrats are the Crips (blue neckerchief.) Each one has staked out their turf and protect it from the other side at all costs. The only problem is all the collateral damage- us. We, the American public, depend on these idiots for our well-being, the partisan politicians who think only of themselves, and do not care that they are destroying the people and turf they are charged with protecting.

Disappointment in our leaders has sent me looking for answers. So far, that is the only answer I have. Just call and Email our elected leaders until our noise is louder than their rich donors voices that pay for their elections, and therefore get more results from our representatives than we do. With time and research, I plan to find other ways to push our congress to work for us- to stop the willful bleeding of our economy and well being. The solution has to come from the bottom- from us, because our leaders have proven themselves incapable and unwilling to help us.

I’ll let you know the answers I find and where I found them. Start looking yourselves. It’s gonna take all of us to make our government functional again.

B. Diane Eames, GG Graduate Gemologist (GIA)

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