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Mason Cowgirl Basketball
Wednesday, December 12, 2012 • Posted December 12, 2012

Tuesday Dec. 4 Varsity Cowgirls vs. LlanoMason—9—11—17—10 = 47Llano—8—12—4—18 = 42 Scorers—Emily Holland—3, Kyndal Jarl—2, Margaret Lemke—21, Caroline Hudson—9, Kelly Kothmann—3, Kayla Guice—3, Alexa Menchaca—2, Hannah Haley—4. Rebound Leaders—Caroline Hudson—7, Margaret Lemke—6, Kayla Guice—5.Assist Leaders—Margaret Lemke—4, Mari’ Marquez—2. Steal Leaders—Margaret Lemke—7.

Thursday Dec. 6 Varsity Cowgirls vs. Grape Creek @ Sonora TournamentMason—12—7—11—15 = 45GC——-—6—14—7—8 = 35 Scorers—Mari’ Marquez—4, Emily Holland—4, Kyndal Jarl—2, Margaret Lemke—19, Caroline Hudson—2, Kelly Kothmann—2, Kayla Guice—2, Hannah Haley—8. Rebound Leaders—Caroline Hudson—5, Kayla Guice—5, Margaret Lemke—4. Assist Leaders—Mari’ Marquez—3, Kayla Guice—3. Steal Leaders—Margaret Lemke—5, Hannah Haley—3. Blocked Shots—Margaret Lemke—2.

Thursday Dec. 6 Varsity Cowgirls vs. Christoval @ Sonora TournamentMason—17—8—21—13 = 59Christoval—5—9—11—8 = 33 Scorers—Mari’ Marquez—1, Emily Holland—6, Margaret Lemke—30, Caroline Hudson—7, Kelly Kothmann—1, Kayla Guice—12, Hannah Haley—2. Rebound Leaders—Margaret Lemke—10, Hannah Haley—8, Emily Holland—7. Assist Leaders—Mari’ Marquez—3, Kyndal Jarl—2, Kayla Guice—2. Steal Leaders—Margaret Lemke—6, Emily Holland—5. Blocked Shots—Margaret Lemke—3, Caroline Hudson—2.

Friday Dec. 7 Varsity Cowgirls vs. Llano @ Sonora TournamentMason—13—9—18—10 = 50Llano—12—5—10—5 = 32 Scorers—Emily Holland—3, Kyndal Jarl—3, Margaret Lemke—23, Caroline Hudson—9, Kelly Kothmann—2, Kayla Guice—6, Hannah Haley—4. Rebound Leaders—Margaret Lemke—6, Caroline Hudson—5, Kelly Kothmann—4, Kayla Guice—4. Assist Leaders—Kelly Kothmann—5, Margaret Lemke—4. Steal Leaders—Margaret Lemke—3, Emily Holland—2. Blocked Shots—Margaret Lemke—2. Saturday Dec. 8 Varsity Cowgirls vs. Eagle Pass Winn @ Sonora TournamentMason—16—16—10—10 = 52EP Winn—2—2—8—0 = 12 Scorers—Emily Holland—12, Margaret Lemke—9, Caroline Hudson—8, Kelly Kothmann—4, Kayla Guice—2, Hannah Haley—17. Rebound Leaders—Hannah Haley—13, Caroline Hudson—7, Margaret Lemke—7. Assist Leaders—Margaret Lemke—6, Caroline Hudson—4, Kelly Kothmann—3, Kayla Guice—3. Steal Leaders—Emily Holland—3, Caroline Hudson—3, Kayla Guice—3. Blocked Shots—Hannah Haley—2.

Saturday Dec. 8 Varsity Cowgirls vs. Sonora @ Sonora TournamentMason—14—11—22—12 = 59Sonora—9—4—9—16 = 38 Scorers—Emily Holland—5, Margaret Lemke—27, Caroline Hudson—12, Kelly Kothmann—2, Kayla Guice—3, Hannah Haley—10. Rebound Leaders—Emily Holland—3, Margaret Lemke—4, Caroline Hudson—6, Kelly Kothmann—4, Kayla Guice—3, Hannah Haley—5. Assist Leaders—Margaret Lemke—5, Kelly Kothmann—5, Kayla Guice—4. Steal Leaders—Margaret Lemke—5. Blocked Shots—Caroline Hudson—4. Record—13 – 3.

Tuesday Dec. 4 JV Purple vs. LlanoMason—12—0—8—8 = 28Llano—2—7—1—2 = 12Scorers—Smith—4, Anderson—9, Armstrong—5, Witt—2, Falgout—2, Allen—6. Thursday Dec. 6 JV Purple vs. Lakeview @ Sonora TournamentMason—22—6—9—2 = 39Lakeview—2—2—3—2 = 9Scorers—Smith—11, Gibbs—4, Anderson—2, Armstrong—7, Falgout—3, Allen—6, Schmidt—2, Rodriguez—2.

Saturday Dec. 8 JV Purple vs. Grape Creek @ Sonora TournamentMason—14—8—8—3 = 33GC—0—4—3—4 = 11Scorers—Smith—6, Gibbs—2, Anderson—5, Armstrong—5, Falgout—2, Allen—2, Schmidt—6, Jones—5.

Saturday Dec. 8 JV Purple vs.Christoval @ Sonora TournamentMason—8—4—10—3 = 25Christoval—6—4—4—6 = 20Scorers—Smith—10, Anderson—2, Armstrong—6, Falgout—3, Allen—3, Schmidt—1.

Tuesday Dec. 4 JV White vs. Llano WhiteMason—1—4—1—4 = 10Llano—3—10—6—8 = 27Scorers—Gainer—6, Doss—2, Gipson—1, Mejia—1.

Thursday Dec. 6 JV White vs. Christoval JV @ Sonora TournamentMason—4—1—2—4 = 11Christoval—16—8—16—7 = 47 Scorers—Hengst—5, Perlicheck—2, Mejia—2, Gainer—1, Doss—1.

Thursday Dec. 6 JV White vs. Harper JV @ Sonora TournamentMason—2—11—4—13 = 30Harper—6—4—13—16 = 39Scorers—Hengst—2, Perlicheck—10, Gainer—14, Comey—2, Doss—2.

Monday Dec. 3 7th/8th A vs. MedinaMason—19—11—14—4 = 48Medina—0—4—0—0 = 4Scorers—Duarte—2, Smith—2, Stockbridge—7, Baker—4, Tedder—16, Ruffin—3, Evans—2, Ivey—6, Powell—4, Canfield—2.

Monday Dec. 3 Purple/White Intramural gamePurple—2—2—10—10 = 24White—5—12—6—8 = 31Scorers White—Bingham—2, Doss—2, George—4, Alvarez—2, Evans—6, Ramon—1, Criswell—4, Martinez—10. Scorers Purple—Schmidt—2, Padilla—4, Klaerner—4, Grosse—4, Drazan—2, Montellano—4, Hanscheck—2.

Saturday Dec. 8 7th B vs. Early @ Brownwood TournamentMason—0—0—2—2 = 4Early—9—12—6—5 = 32Scorers—Drazan—2, Montellano—2.

Saturday Dec. 8 7th B vs. Bangs @ Brownwood TournamentMason—5—6—3—4—0 = 18Bangs—2—2—6—8—3 = 21Scorers—Drazan—1, Dominguez—2, Palacio—7, Montellano—8.

Saturday Dec. 8 8th B vs. Early @ Brownwood TournamentMason—4—2—3—7 = 16Early—10—8—5—4 = 27Scorers—Schmidt—2, Airheart—1, Harwell—1, Klaerner—2, George—4, Alvarez—2, Criswell—4.

Saturday Dec. 8 8th B vs. Llano @ Brownwood TournamentMason—0—4—3—10—0 = 17Llano—2—4—7—4—4 = 21Scorers—Schmidt—2, Airheart—4, Harwell—1, Klaerner—2, Danz—2, Criswell—4, Hanscheck—2. Upcoming games: Friday, December 14—HS Girls at Burnet Tuesday, December 11 —HS Girls Leakey at Mason Thursday & Saturday—JH Girls A teams at Brownwood Tournament Monday, December 17—JH Girls at Junction

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